"Transforming History" (2000-2010)

Campus clean-up "A celebration of Kwanzaa"

"A Celebration of Kwanzaa" program and script, December 3rd, 2003.

The 2000s ushered in another generation of members for the Black Student Union (BSU). With new members, and an altered political environment on the national stage, the goals of the BSU changed with the times. The club's main activities were based around raising funds and assisting a Girl Scout troop at Scotland School for Veteran's Children. 

In 2001, the Black Student Union engaged with the community primarily through performance, coordinating chapel service as part of the campus observance of Black History Month, singing in the dining hall on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. In that same year, the club held a raffle to raise funds to provide holiday dinners to less fortunate families in the Chambersburg community. 

Two years later, the BSU sponsored an Afro-Latina Fiesta, celebrated Kwanzaa, and planned programs showcasing African storytelling and having a gospel choir participate in chapel. The BSU also sponsored events for Black History Month and Martin Luther King Day.

The BSU continued with the tradition of providing significant and engaging speakers for the Wilson College community. In celebration of Black History Month, the BSU worked tirelessly to bring Dr. Simona J. Hill, then Associate Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the Honors Program at Susquehanna University, to campus in 2005. Then BSU president LaShonda Wilson and her peers sent proposals to the Dean's Advisory Council and Student Development to acquire funds and space to host Dr. Hill as part of the college’s celebration of Black History Month.

In a "Proposal for Diversity Education with Simona Hill," the BSU stated:

"Our goal as the Black Student Union is to help connect different cultural groups. The Black Student Union recognizes that Wilson is attempting to establish stronger ties within the community. We feel that an excellent way of getting the students, faculty and staff more involved in the issue of diversity is to bring to our campus an experienced speaker on issues of diversity. Because there is a lack of diversity within faculty, administration and staff, it is harder for the issue of race and ethnicity on campus to be adequately addressed. We would like for you to speak one night on the question of 'how can a same gender community contribute to avoidance and denial of racial tensions?' and have a diversity workshop the following day to augment the efforts already being made on our campus."

Praise dance

Rosenna Williams performs at Chapel doing a traditional praise dance to celebrate Kwanzaa, 2003. 

The BSU's proposal was a success and as a result, Dr. Hill held a workshop on diversity and lectured on "Transforming History: Diversity and the Wilson College D.I.V.A." LaShonda Wilson, president of the BSU, introduced Hill before her lecture: 

"Collectively, we have worked hard over the past few months to bring this program to you. It is through the contributions of these departments and dedication of the black student union that we stand before you tonight with excitement and gratitude." 

Working in tandem with the Psychology and Sociology Club, the Black Student Union sponsored an AIDs walk in 2006. BSU continued their commitment to education and bringing women of color together across campuses when the club traveled to Shippensburg University to hear famed author Toni Morrison speak. In that same year, they performed a step routine in honor of Rosa Parks. 

"Transforming History" (2000-2010)