1970-1979: Cole, Dennis, & Waggoner

Lawrence Dennis

Dr. Lawrence E. Dennis (1975)

Dennis served as Acting President between President Cole's resignation and President Waggoner's election. Dennis placed a great emphasis on increased enrollment for the college through student-enacted recruiting as well as increased financing with an emphasis on financial aid. Dennis outlined all of this in an article he wrote for the Wilson Alumnae Quarterly Magazine entitled "Wilson-Transition and Tomorrow". Dennis was also supportive in Wilson College’s participation in the Central Pennsylvania Consortium (CPC) which helped foster an intellectual community amongst local colleges in the central PA area. 

Margaret Waggoner

Dr. Margaret A. Waggoner (1975-1979)

President Waggoner began her presidency at Wilson on August 1, 1975. Under her leadership, Wilson faced its greatest struggle. On February 19, 1979 she announced the Board's decision to close the College, with the closing date set for June 30, 1979, citing declining enrollment and financial difficulties. Alumnae, students, faculty, and staff established a Save Wilson Committe and rallied against the decision, which was overturned in court. President Waggoner resigned on May 26, 1979.

1970-1979: Cole, Dennis, & Waggoner