1979-1991: Bletz & Merriam

Donald Bletz

Donald F. Bletz

Dr. Donald F. Bletz (1979-1981)

Donald Bletz was born on July 28, 1925 in Mountville PA. He earned his BA at the University of Omaha and a MA and Doctor of Philosophy from American University. He served in the US Army for 32 years, eventually retiring as a full rank colonel. He became a political science professor at Wilson in 1975 and served as head of the business and economics department for approximately 6 years. 

Bletz stepped in as the interim President from 1979-1981 in order to allow the Board of Trustees time for a more thorough presidential search following the near-closing in 1979.


Mary-Linda Merriam

Mary-Linda Merriam (Armacost)

Dr. Mary-Linda Sorber Merriam (Armacost) (1981-1991)

President Merriam's mother graduated from Wilson in 1930.

She earned her BA, MA, and PhD in speech communication from Pennsylvania State University.

Before coming to Wilson, Merriam was the assistant to the president of Boston University. She was inaugurated as Wilson's president on Oct. 3, 1981. While in office, she expanded the range of recruiting and the College's curriculum. She is best remembered for beginning the Continuing Studies program (now called the Adult Degree Program) that encouraged students of all ages to return to college for their degrees.

In 1991 she left Wilson to become president of Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.

1979-1991: Bletz & Merriam