1883-1895: The Edgars

Rev. Dr. John Edgar

President John Edgar

Rev. Dr. John Edgar (1883-1894)

President Edgar was born on June 12, 1840 near Dublin, Ireland. His family moved to America in 1849. Edgar attended Andover Theological Seminary and was ordained in 1869. He married Elizabeth Boggs in 1870. After their marriage, Edgar became pastor of a church in New Bloomfield, Perry County, a position he held for 13 years.  He is elected President at Wilson on August 3, 1883.

During his tenure at Wilson, President Edgar worked hard to improve  the College in a multitude of ways. He increased Wilson's enrollment and  modified and clarified President Wylie's curriculum. He prepared plans for a new science hall, extended the College's Main Hall, and strengthened the recently created Art Department. Under his presidency, the College also became debt-free.

President Edgar died on June 5, 1894.

Lady Principal Elizabeth Edgar

Mrs. Elizabeth Edgar

Elizabeth Edgar, Lady Principal/Dean (1883-1901) & Acting President, (1894-1895)

During her husband's presidency, Mrs. Edgar served as Lady Principal (equivalent to the Dean's role today).

Following the unexpected death of her husband, Mrs. Edgar unofficially took over as Acting President while the College searched for President Edgar's successor. During this year, Edgar Hall was built and named in her husband's honor.

1883-1895: The Edgars