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Seoul (Before) images.001.jpeg
image of Seoul before devastation

Perrin Portrait (2).001.jpeg
associated with rapkins letter to president

Perrin Portrait 1 .001.jpeg
associated with emergency committee letter

Jean Perrin (3).001.jpeg
associated with ambassador letter

Jean Perrin Portrait (4).001.jpeg
associated with written letter

Jean Perrin Portrait (5).001.jpeg
associated with This is Friday picture

July 10, 1941 Letter.001.jpeg
authorizes the appointment of perrin

Letter from Ambassador to France.001.jpeg
regarding Perrin's new appointment

Letter from Laurens H. Seeyle.001.jpeg
letter regarding jean perrin and getting him to the us

Letter from Louis Rapkins .001.jpeg
detailing about perrin's exit permit

Letter from P. Coppinger.001.jpeg
letter asks about perrin's appointment to Wilson College

Postal Telegraph.001.jpeg
letter announcing perils successful arrival in America from Lisbon

Today is Friday, Western Union.001.jpeg
written July 11

Western Union (2).001.jpeg
letter discussing perrin's burial proceedings

Written Letter from Jean Perrin.001.jpeg
written correspondence to president havens

Appointment Letter (Perrin).001.jpeg
letter of appointment of jean perrin

Cablegram (Perrin).001.jpeg
letter explaining the selection of Perrin as a guest lecturer

Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars (Perrin).001.jpeg
inital wiring beginning perrin's transfer to the united states

Letter from President Havens (Perrin).001.jpeg
letter from president havens about Perrin

Western Union (Perrin).001.jpeg
urgent message about Perrin's safe transfer. to Dr. Emily Allyn.

Letter to Dr. Havens (Perrin).001.jpeg
letter discusses instructions for getting Perrin to the United States

Bethel Harris Portrait.001.jpeg
portrait of Bethel harris fleming

Map of Woman's Suffrage Support in PA (Patterson).001.jpeg
associated with Hannah J. Patterson

Guggenheim Fellowship Seal.001.jpeg
associated with Cora Lutz and Dorothy Weeks

Group of Students on Stage (International Students).001.jpeg
recent image of international students
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