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Letter from Pat Vail to her family on April 3, 1965 after her stint in jail. The letter is typed on the back of a flyer advertising: "15 People were arrested for crossing a street in Greenville. What are you going to do about it? Mass meeting…

Letter from Pat Vail to her family on March 22, 1965, written from city jail. The letter describes the events leading up to her arrest and her time in jail.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family written on Wed. October 14, 1964. The letter discusses Pat Vail's "freedom school" for elementary school kids to teach them about the freedom to vote and includes singing and artwork based on COFO's freedom primer…

Letter from the Greenville Project sent out to the summer volunteers. The letter includes an update on activities in Greenville. The second page is nearly illegible.

1964-09-23_Student Voice.pdf
The Student Voice newspaper from Atlanta, Georgia. Vol. 5, no. 22 released on Sept. 23, 1964. This issue includes: McComb: City of Terror; Negro Candidates in Georgia, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written on Sept. 10, 1964. The letter includes a discussion of moving out of the Greenville freedom house and freedom school, ongoing harassment of African-American students by the local school board, and the…

1964-08-19_Student Voice.pdf
August 19, 1964 edition of The Student Voice newspaper, (vol. 5 no. 21), published in Atlanta, Georgia.

1964-08-12_Student Voice.pdf
August 12, 1964 edition of The Student Voice newspaper (vol. 5 no. 20), published in Atlanta, Georgia. This issue includes an article on the three missing civil rights workers (James Early Chaney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman).

Letter from Lisa to her parents, written on August 6, 1964. The letter discusses politics in Mississippi and voter registration. She also mentions Pat Vail, one of her coworkers in the Greenville Office.

August 5, 1964 edition of The Student Voice newspaper (vol. 5 no. 19), published in Atlanta, Georgia.

Letter from Ward(?) Howe to Pat Vail, written on July 25, 1964, with envelope.

Letter from Pat Vail, written in July 1964. In the letter she discusses the Mississippi Freedom Project and a shooting incident involving several of the project workers. Transcription of letter in PDF.

Press release urging the federal government to consider the safety of the Mississippi Freedom Project volunteers.

Document giving updates on the status of Mississippi legislation as of May 13, 1964. Legislation includes: so-called 'anti-invasion' law; nuisance phone calls; sterilization of felons; penalties for parents of illegitimate children; 'freedom school'…

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written in April 1964.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written on March 2, 1964.

Letter from Pat Vail to her family, written on Nov. 15, 1964. In the letter she discusses the freedom school in Greenville and the Delta Democrat-Times articles related to the Mississippi Summer Project's cause.

Letter from Pat Vail written on July 3rd. She describes the community in Greenville, Mississippi.

Letter from MPPT to Pat Vail, accompanied by a donation, presumably to the Mississippi Freedom Project.


Letter from Pat Vail to her family describing the end of the Mississippi summer project.

"One Man One Vote" button from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).

Photograph of Patricia Vail from the 1963 Wilson College yearbook, The Conocheague.

FBI missing persons poster from Mississippi June 24, 1964. Missing persons listed: Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney, Michael Henry Schwerner.

Photograph of Pat Vail.
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