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Anna McKeag_edit.jpg
Born: Washington, PA
Education: AB from Wilson, phD from University of PA (1900). Also studied at Clark University (1902-1904)
Worked at Wilson as an instructor in 1892, then became a professor and dean
Head of Department of Education at Wellesley…

Charles Cole.jpg
Born: Sept. 12, 1922 in Altoona, PA
Served in US Army Air Corps as a 1st lieutenant and fighter pilot in 8th air force from 1943-1945
Education: AB, MA, and PhD in history from Columbia University
1946-1958 served as Associate Dean of Students and…

Donald Bletz.jpg
Born: July 28, 1925 Mountville PA
Education: BA (history major) University of Omaha; Master of Arts (international relations) the American University; Doctor of Philosophy (international studies) – the American University
Served in the US Army for…

Gwendolyn Evans Jensen.jpg
Education: PhD in history from University of Connecticut; MA from Trinity College; BA in English from University of Hartford
Before Wilson: Provost and Dean of Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio; Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professor of…

Lady Principal/Dean (1883-1901) – acting president, (1894-1895)
Edgar Hall built

Lawrence Dennis.jpg

Lorna Edmundson.jpg
Education: Columbia University’s Teachers College; Columbia’s graduate school of business’s executive program in Accounting and Finance, Boston College and Rhode Island College. Studied at the University of Paris
Inauguration at Wilson: Oct. 6,…

Margaret Waggoner.jpg

Mary-Linda Merriam.jpg
Mother graduated from Wilson in 1930
Education: BA, MA, and PhD in speech communication from Pennsylvania State University. Also studied at Grove City College; Center for the Study of Languages in Neuchatel, Switzerland; Harvard University’s…

Matthew Howell Reaser.jpg
Campus doubled in size to fifty acres
1906 – athletic fields developed on north campus
Entrance requirements stiffened
Number of elective courses increased
Department of Bible established in 1903
Facilities: Thomson Hall finished and…

Paul Swain Havens.jpg
Born: Lawrenceville, New Jersey Sept. 19, 1903
Mother Elizabeth Swain Havens was graduate of class of 1895 at Wilson
Inauguration: May 22, 1937 at age of 33 (one of the youngest college presidents in the country)
Education: Princeton University…

Appointed July 1, 2011 at Wilson
Education: President Mistick earned a doctorate in management from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Business in 2003, a master’s degree in business administration from the University of…

Born: Lexington, KY 1861
Educated: University of Kentucky, completed BA at Princeton in 1882. Spent 1882-1883 at Oxford in England where he specialized in constitutional history. 1885 graduated from Columbia University with a degree in law. Received…

James Kennedy.jpg
Dr. Archibald remained at Wilson for only one year. He had previously been a professor at the Danville Theological Seminary, which temporarily closed, and then reoped in 1874. Dr. Archibald returned to his former field of labor at that time.…

John Caldwell.jpg
1881: establishment of a School of Music
1882: special course in Fine Arts
Resigned 1883

Pres Edgar.jpg
Born: June 12, 1840 near Dublin, Ireland
Family moved to America in 1849 – Philadelphia
Became a teacher then principal of the 24th school in Philly before turning 21
Attended Andover Theological Seminary – ordained in 1869
Married Elizabeth…

Management of the College given to Lady Principal Abby Goodsell
Lady Principal: came to Wilson from vice lady principalship at Vassar. Left Wilson to return to her alma mater of Vasser to serve as lady principal.
Born: Wisconsin

James Kennedy.jpg

Rev. James Wightman v2.jpg
-The Rev. James W. Wightman, Vice-President and Acting President
Edwards: Presbyterian minister from Hagerstown Maryland
Wightman: pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Greencastle. Wightman did not believe in a “female” education of women – he…

Reorganized college curriculum; capped enrollment at 75 students (which he did not reach), instituted housekeeping courses (no academic credit) – effort to make a distinction between work at the college level and at the secondary level

Rev. Tryon  Edwards_edit.jpg
The Rev. James W. Wightman, Vice-President and Acting President
Edwards: Presbyterian minister from Hagerstown Maryland
Wightman: pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Greencastle. Wightman did not believe in a “female” education of women – he…

Samuel Martin.jpg
Born: 1853, Canonsburg
Died: 1921
Education: Lafayette ’77, Princeton Theological Seminary ’80; Received degree of D.D. from alma mater (1892)
Pastor of Christ Church in Lebanon (1882-1885), Professor of homiletics, Lincoln University…
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